How To: Build a platform storage bed for under $200

Build a platform storage bed for under $200

Following are the steps to describe how-to build a platform storage bed at a low cost:

1. All you need are the following materials: (Say a bed size of 16. 5 inch)4 sheets of plywood, 3 (1x4x8) plywood, 20 2-inch corner braces, 1 (1/4-inch) drywall screw, few nails.
2. Cut two of the plywood to 3 strips of width 15 and 3/4 inches.
3. Similarly cut the other two plywood of with 39 and 1/5 inches.
4. The remaining of these plywood must be cut into strips of width 2 inches each.
5. Now in the 15 and 3/4 inches plywood strips, cut the opening at the center.
6. Join the 80 inches and the 75 inches plywood using 20 corner braces. This will almost look like a rectangle box.
7. In the center join the 39 inch and 38 inch plywood using the 8 corner braces.
8. Place the 34x2 inch sheet at the top using the drywall screws.
9. Place the plywood sheet at the top of the cabinet and nail them forming a platform.
10. Paint your platform to your choice and lay your mattress above it.

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