How To: Build an outdoor kitchen

Build an outdoor kitchen

In this Home & Garden video tutorial you will learn how to build an outdoor kitchen. You can build it yourself using the AB courtyard walls collection. You should have all tools as per How-to sheet #341 before you begin. Determine the location of your outdoor kitchen and with a measuring tape mark the location of the back wall. Mark the line with masking tape. Begin the 1st layer by placing a corner block in the corner. Then place a large piece of a split block next to it. For information on splitting and cutting blocks, see How-to sheet #210. Working out from the corner, place another corner block and an AB block as shown in the pattern layout. Before continuing further, check the blocks are lining up correctly with the help of a square and make necessary adjustments. Continue placing blocks following the pattern for the first post. You will then have to watch the video for further steps as it will get confusing without the demonstration.

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