How To: Build a patio seating wall or wall panel

Build a patio seating wall or wall panel

This video illustrate us how to build a patio seating wall or wall panel. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take all the requirements that is cap stone of the preferred shape, mortar, sand, stones, water, sponge.

Step 2: Now go the location on which the wall has to be build, remove any stone or tile present out there.

Step 3; Fill the gap with sand and on top of this place the stones in a queue.

Step 4: Now on the top of the stone layer place a dollop of mortar and again on this layer place a layer of stone.

Step 5: repeat the above steps until the desired wall length is achieved.

Step 6: Take care to remove any extra mortar squeezing of the wall.

Step 7: Al last place the cap stone on the top and smooth out the whole wall.

Thats it

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