How To: Build a BBQ grilling station

Build a BBQ grilling station

In this Home & Garden video tutorial you will learn how to building a bbq grilling station. The tools needed are a measuring tape, square, hammer and chisel, safety glasses, a deadblow hammer and work gloves. Select the location and measure the dimensions of the grilling station. Draw a simple plan using "How-to sheet #290" as your guide. This project will require five basic block shapes; AB Corner block, AB York block, AB Dublin block, AB Wall cap and AB Post cap. Mark the location of the first column and paste masking tape on the outer edges as a guide. Then mark the location of the second column leaving a gap for the grill as shown in the video and place masking tape along the outer edges. Place the 1st corner block using the how-to sheet and then place the next corner block with the long side facing out. Place the other blocks, check the level and using a carpenter's square, line up the corner blocks properly. Then begin the wall panel by installing a Dublin and alternating with York block. Watch the video for further instructions.

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