How To: Adjust a Sliding Door

Adjust a Sliding Door

How to adjust a sliding door. Sliding doors are great when they are sliding but can be a real pain in the bum when they don't. Today's video will concentrate on adjusting the wheels to help alleviate some of these annoying issues. It doesn't matter if it's a robe sliding door, a closet sliding door, a glass sliding door or a patio sliding door, the principle is still the same. Obviously there can be other factors like the sliding door track or the sliding door wheels being in a state of disrepair. However these may be covered in another video down the track.

The wheels on a sliding door are capable of being raised and lowered depending on your requirements. Usually it is simply a matter of inserting a screwdriver into the hole at the bottom of the door, locating the adjusting screw and tightening or loosening it depending on whether or not you want to raise the door or lower the door. Turning the screw clockwise will cause the door to lift while turning the screw anti-clockwise will cause the door to lower.

While you are at it it is also a good time to give the sliding door track a good clean and get rid of any gunk that may have accumulated. Please don't be tempted to apply any sliding agent (like oil or grease) to the track as that will only attract dust and gunk which will actually cause the door to slide poorly. A sliding door doesn't actually slide, it rolls on its wheels. Therefore if any lubricant is required it should be directed at the wheel axels. Make sure it is a dry lube as dry lubes don't attract nasties.

Good Luck!
Cheers, Uncle Knackers.

How to Adjust a Sliding Door

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